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ASTER at Reverb | ECHO

The NASA Reverb | Echo site is one of the primary sources of daily ASTER (not product) scenes. Users may find the spatial search capabilities are easier to navigate than the GloVis site described in another FAQ.  Connect to the site at:    Log in to the site or create an account first since you must be a registered user to obtain data from the Reverb site.  Then you will define where, what, and when of the dataset you are searching for in Step 1: Select Search Criteria

Within the Spatial Search window use the Pan and Zoom tools to locate your study area and then draw a box to define a bounding box for your region of interest.  You can also upload a GIS shapefile to define your study area.  This file must use Latitude/Longitude coordinates; it cannot be in a projection such as UTM.

To the right of the Spatial Search window you can use the Temporal Search section to limit image dates.

In the Search Terms box in the upper right enter the keyword ASTER and hit Enter.  This will filter the available datasets in Step 2: Select Datasets.  In this second section you must check the dataset(s) you want to download.

  • If you want to obtain a full ASTER scene select the AST_L1T: ASTER Level 1 Precision Terrain Corrected Registered At-Sensor Radiance dataset.
  • If you want an ASTER product, then you must select the ASTER L1A Reconstructed Unprocessed Instrument Data dataset instead.

Once you have selected the dataset(s) you desire they are placed in the section Step 3: Discover Granules.

Click on the Search for Granules button to search the USGS catalog.  The system begins your search and opens a new page with the results; Step 1: Select Granules.  Use either the List View and Image View tab to make your selections.  List View allows you to quickly search the list to locate times of interest.  You should click on the Browse icon to see the image.  The Image View displays browse images for each scene, allowing you to quickly eliminate images with too many clouds.  Select the scene(s) you want and place them in your Shopping Cart.

For Products:
If you want to obtain an ASTER product, and you have selected the L1A dataset, from the Shopping Cart page click on the Order button.  After verifying your contact infomration click on the Proceed button at the bottom of the page.  Use the Order Options drop down to select the product you want.  These are listed using their short names, i.e. AST_05 or AST_07.  Click Set and Proceed to submit the order.

When you click the Download button a dialog box opens for download instructions.  Under Select URLs to Download: check Data and under Select Download Option: Text File should be selected.  Click Save and a text file is generated with a URL for each dataset.  Enter this into a browser to begin the actual data download.