Evaluating the role of city geometry in urban heat islands using mobile measurement supported by thermal imaging technology

Yichen Yang
Xuhui Lee
Start Date: 
December, 2018

To deepen the understanding of UHI mechanism, the traditional dataset such as satellite imagery is not enough. The satellite data covers large-scale temperature variation, but is still limited in capturing details in the urban canyon. To reveal what’s missing at street level, I plan to carry out a low-elevation observational experiment in the urban area. My experiment will need UAV, mobile platform, and the thermal camera. The SfM-based software Agisoft Photoscan will support me with thermal mosaicking technique. The GIS platform that can be approached from CEO lab is a very strong tool and can provide auxiliary data for my research. This work will fill the knowledge gap of how the heat exchange works in the urban canyon.
Data and Storage: I will be using vector and raster data in Google Earth Engine and ArcGIS. I will also be working on Agisoft Photoscan for image mosaicking.