California Wildfires

Sentinel image of the fires on 10 October 2017 east of Santa Rosa
October 11, 2017

Northern California has been experiencing extreme wildfires this month.  Large parts of the famed wine country are burning out of control at this time.  This Sentinel false color image shows some of the fires raging on the eastern edge of Santa Rosa on 10 October 2017.  Route 101 is visible on the western side of the scene, running north and south through the city.

The European Space Agency launched and manages the Sentinel program, and images are available freely from the USGS.  The image has a 10 meter spatial resolution and this false color image uses the red, near infrared, and blue bands to produce this view that enhances vegetation and clearly shows burned areas and smoke plumes.

NASA has just posted an article about this fire showing a large portion of Northern California using MODIS imagery.  They also have many useful links about the fire, weather conditions, and photos.  This can be seen at:

External link: