Graph of temperature data at the AppEEARS site
May 31, 2016

NASA has just released version 1.1 of the Application for Extracting and Exploring Analysis Ready Samples (AppEEARS) site.  This site provides an easy way to obtain a variety of remotely sensed data for one or more point samples over time.  You have access to many global MODIS products and the Landsat WELD data for the Continental US and Alaska.

For example, you may want to compare night-time temperatures for a dozen cities and nearby rural areas to study the Urban Heat Island effect.  At AppEERS either type in the coordinates or submit a text file with the latitudes and longitudes.  Then enter a data range and select the MODIS MOD11 product.  Once the request is processed you can view the data as charts and graphs then download the data for further analysis.

The NASA announcement has links to the AppEEARS site and tutorial pages

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