Observing Earth from Space 2022 Final Projects

May 16, 2022

By the end of every Spring semester, the students of Observing Earth From Space (OEFS) present their final projects and submit the final reports. The final project represents the highlight of the course, and it demonstrates the students’ learning outcome. Through the final project, students apply image analysis skills they learned throughout the semester. Some students, however, may already be involved in research projects, thus they aim to frame their course final project around their research.

The projects this year varied among many important environmental issues. The topics covered this year were: Urban Sprawl, Forest, Ecology, Environmental Risk Assessment, Glacier Melting, Agriculture, Method Development, Land use Change, Urban Heat, and Soil Moisture. The abstracts of Spring 2022 projects are posted online.

The above image highlights the following projects:

Upper left: Harmful Algal Blooms in Alameda County during the 2011-2017 California Drought. By Anna de Hostos.

Upper right: Quantify Glacial Retreat, Grey Glacier. By Megan Grimes.

Lower left: Monitoring Emperor Penguin Colonies at Cape Washington from 2013-2021 Using Landsat 8 Imagery. By Yiheng Zhou.

Lower right: Assess the Effect of Urban Expansion in Houston on High Flood Risk Area. By Shelby Warrington.