Observing Earth from Space 2024 Final Projects

Minimum Distance Classification of the entire study area in Brazil
May 15, 2024

The “Observing Earth From Space” (OEFS) course has wrapped up another impressive Spring semester of 2024, with students presenting their final projects that harness remote sensing technologies to address pressing environmental issues. This year, the projects encompassed a wide array of topics, demonstrating the diverse applications of remote sensing in environmental research and analysis. These projects showcase the diverse and innovative applications of remote sensing in tackling environmental challenges. The OEFS course continues to equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to contribute to meaningful environmental research and conservation efforts. One standout project delved into the changing climate of the northeastern United States, particularly focusing on snowfall trends over the past 25 years. Another innovative project explored the colors of urban landscapes and their potential effects on well-being and climate resilience.


The effectiveness of Brazil’s 2012 Forest Code in curbing illegal deforestation was the focus of another student by comparing NDVI and supervised classification data from 2011 and 2023. In a project focused on the Serengeti, the student used high-resolution PlanetScope satellite images to detect and classify wildlife trails made by migratory megafauna from 2018 to 2023. Another student employed remote sensing techniques to provided comprehensive insights into the environmental consequences of the war on Gaza, highlighting the broader impacts of war on ecosystems and human settlements.

The dedication and ingenuity demonstrated by the students in these projects underscore the critical role of remote sensing in addressing environmental issues. As these future scientists and researchers continue to refine their techniques and expand their studies, their work will undoubtedly contribute to our understanding and preservation of the Earth’s diverse ecosystems. For a complete list of projects and topics covered by the students for OEFS Spring 2024, please follow this link.

The above images highlight the following projects: