Observing Drought Effects Adjacent to the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta

Gabriela Baeza-Castaneda
Alex Felson
Start Date: 
April, 2015

The continuing drought affecting the state of California has led to several environmental and physical changes in its landscape. One of the most prominent features in the region is the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta located in the San Francisco Bay area, which provides much of the state’s water supply. This study’s goal is to observe the changes that have affected the delta as well as its surrounding landscape which vastly consists of urban, agricultural and marshland regions. Has there been a significant decrease in the region’s NDVI? Would this correspond with an increase in the soil coverage? I have used Landsat 4-5 images for the dry year and Landsat 8 for the wet year. The study involves using methods that include vegetation index, moisture index, burn index, unsupervised and supervised classifications.