Center for Earth Observation

...supporting the remote sensing needs of the University
  • Average Cloud Top Temp - January 2007 - From MODIS 
  • Artic Sea Ice - Landsat TM image acquired 12 June 1993 
  • Sediment flowing from the CT River after Hurricane Irene - Landsat 5 image acquired 02 Sept 2011 
  • MODIS image of the Middle East - 01 Sept 2009 - Natural Color 143-RGB 
  • Landsat 7 image of Moosehead Lake region of Maine draped over DEM 
  • Ikonos image of New Haven - 28 October 2004 - Natural Color 321-RGB 
  • Landsat 8 image of New Haven County - 30 Sept 2013 - False Color Composite 852-RGB 


The Yale Center for Earth Observation (YCEO) is a centralized source of remote sensing hardware, software, and expertise for the Yale community.  Assistance is available to help users in the selection, procurement and analysis of satellite images for their research.  This research and teaching lab is one of the Yale Institute of Biospheric Studies (YIBS) research centers.


SRTM 30m (left) and 90m of Gibraltar
October 17, 2014
The USGS has begun to distribute global Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) elevation data at 1 arc-second (~30m) resolution.  Previously SRTM data at this resolution...
September 24, 2014
Scientists will soon have another tool to monitor ocean wind speed and direction.  The NASA ISS – RapidScat scatterometer has been launched by SpaceX on a Falcon9 rocket and...
September 22, 2014
Any of us that have worked with satellite images over the ocean have had to deal with sunglint obscuring parts of the water.  Perhaps this is not all bad after all.  Take a...