Center for Earth Observation

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Image Sources

Primary  Image  Sources

Ocean  Data

Atmosphere  Data

  • OCO-2 - Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 - JPL
  • AIRS - Atmospheric Infrared Sounder
  • AURA - Atmospheric Chemistry
  • CERES - Clouds and Earth's Radiant Energy System (NASA)
  • SCIAMACHY - SCanning Imaging Absorption spectroMeter for Atmospheric CHartographY
  • CALIPSO - Profile observations of cloud and aerosols and IR imagery

Snow  and  Ice

  • NSIDC - National Snow & Ice Data Center - snow cover and sea ice products

NDVI  Data


  • USGS LiDAR - USGS LiDAR Information page
  • CLICK - USGS Center for LiDAR Information Coordination and Knowledge - link no longer working
  • FUSION - USFS and U. of Washington LiDAR visualization software
  • rapidlasso GmbH - Open source LAStools utilities
  • LiDAR Links - Where to find LiDAR data
  • NASA G-LiHT - NASA Goddard LiDAR, Hyperspectral & Thermal Imager (and data)

Commercial  Image  Distributors

Other Image and Data   Sites

Aerial & Shuttle (SSEOP) Photos