Using the YCEO Lab

The Yale Center for Earth Observation (YCEO) is a research and teaching lab dedicated to the study of the earth from space. This lab is a centralized facility for all Yale University students, faculty, and staff who need to process and analyze satellite images as part of their research and academic work. We provide and support ENVI remote sensing software.

Due to the specialized nature of satellite images, as well as the complexity of the software to process these images, the YCEO is not an open computing cluster of the University. Accounts are granted to individuals who have an understanding of satellite images and the software used to process them. Anyone wishing an account at the YCEO should submit a YCEO Account Request form.

For those interested in learning more about remote sensing and satellite image processing, there are a variety of educational options. An introductory remote sensing course Observing the Earth From Space is taught each Spring, with other courses and workshops offered occasionally. The Links Tab at the top of this page has references to a large body of remote sensing and GIS information.

Please contact Tarek Kandakji if you would like to discuss the potential of satellite remote sensing and how the YCEO can assist with your project/research needs.