ASTER at Earthdata Search

The NASA Earthdata Search application provides an easy way to find ASTER scenes, including ASTER products.  ASTER products have additional processing so you will not be able to immediately download these data.  You can enter a simple natural language search term such as “Aster temperature over Connecticut for 2017” or follow the guide below for a more targeted search.

Begin by navigating to the Earthdata Search application and click on the Spatial button and select the tool you wish to use to define your area of interest; this can be a rectangle, point, polygon or file.  Once you have defined your spatial location, enter ASTER L1T into the search box in the upper left.  The number of granules will be displayed in the center panel.  You  can click on the Temporal tab to apply a time filter to your search and reduce the number of granules selected.

Now you have identified the Where, What, and When for the data you are searching for.  Next, in the middle panel click on the Matching Collection to open the Project Collections panel on the left that displays each scene meeting you search criteria.  As you move the mouse over each item the actual scene footprint is displayed.  Clicking on a scene lets you view browse images.  Click on the X to remove scenes that are outside of your area, have too many clouds., or do not meet your project needs for other reasons.

You can retrieve individual scenes (recommended) from the download icon on each scene or you can click on the Retrieve Collection Data button to order the entire collection you are viewing.  This could be a large amount of data so make sure you have removed any low-quality scenes and those on the margins of your study area.