ASTER at GloVis

GloVis is the USGS Global Visualization Viewer site that is a primary source of data from many sensors.  This FAQ only covers ASTER data.  Connect to the site at:  This will use Java to open a data visualization window (it may be behind your current browser window).  Note: You must be a registered user to place orders within GLOVIS.

Navigate to your area of interested by entering the Landsat Path/Row, latitude and longitude in decimal degrees, or use the navigation image sliders and click on a location in the interactive map.  You may need to zoom in using the Resolution menu, or pan to your specific location.  There are typically many images stacked for each location.  You can reduce the list by adjusting the percent of maximum cloud cover.

From the Collection menu select the ASTER L1T Day (VNIR/SWIT/TIR) to search for and obtain Level 1T ASTER scenes.  (You can select the ASTER L1T Night collection for night-time temperature data.)  If you are searching for an ASTER product, then you must select the ASTER L1A Day (VNIR/SWIT/TIR) from the Collection menu.   Later in the Shopping Basket you will select the desired product. 

For viewing resolutions greater than 155m, the upper-most scene in the display will have a yellow selection box around it.  You can right click on this to bring up a menu of options.  These include opening a new window to display a larger browse image or detailed metadata.  The Select Scene option lists all available data at the specific cursor location.  You can select any one of these to bring it to the top of the stack.  Images that you are sure you do not want can be hidden to simplify your selection process.

After finding a desired image; click on the Add button or right click the image and select Add to Scene List.  When you are done selecting scenes, click on the Send to Cart button to open the Shopping Basket window.

In the Shopping Basket web page you will use the Select Process button to select any ASTER product, or if you want the basic ASTER scene select ASTER Level L1T.  Make sure you have selected the Level 1T data or a product based on the L1A selection; you do NOT want the Level 1A data!  If you want multiple products for the same scene, you will need to return to the GLOVIS application, reselect the dataset, add it to the shopping cart, and select the processing level.  When all data have been selected submit the order for processing.  An email will be sent with a link to retrieve the data.