What is Proba-V ?

The Proba-V sensor is a European follow-on to the SPOT VGT mission.  It acquires global images of the earth’s land surface and vegetation growth every two days (five days at 100 m resolution).  Data are acquired at four wavelengths; blue, red, NIR, at 100 m resolution and SWIR at 200 m resolution.  View the Proba-V mission page for more detailed information.

Several products are available and are distributed at 100 m, 300 m and 1 km spatial resolutions.  The 1 km products are freely available to all users as soon as they are compiled.  The 100 m and 300 m products are freely available one month after they are compiled.

You can view a nice collection of images at the Proba-V gallery.  The images are thematically organized and show the capabilities of these data.