Observing Earth from Space 2019 Final Projects

May 16, 2019

Another semester of Observing Earth from Space is complete!  Each year, the highlight of the course is the individual student projects, where students use the knowledge they’ve gained over the semester to apply remote sensing data and techniques to unique research questions.  The course culminates in a day of final project presentations (open to the University community) and final reports.  This semester, we had a diverse mix of undergraduate and graduate students pursuing research questions across a variety of topics, from Air pollution to land use change in Zimbabwe.

The abstracts for the 2019 individual students projects are now posted online.  Full text of these papers, in addition to reports from prior years, can be obtained at the Yale Center for Earth Observation. 

[The above image shows results from four different student projects.  Clockwise from top left: Flooding patterns in the Carolinas from Hurricane Florence (Danielle Losos), air pollution in Korea using Sentinel-5P (Tim Jeon),  chlorophyll-a concentration along the southern shores of Sinapore (Zhi Yi Yeo), and ice cover on the Cordillera Blanca mountain range in Peru (Trina White)].