Tasseled Cap Transform for Landsat (8) OLI

ENVI can calculate the Tasseled Cap Transformation of Landsat MSS, TM, and ETM sensor data.  The transforms for each sensor produce a different number of bands.  The MSS transform produces a four-band output file with bands identified as: Soil Brightness Index, Green Veg Index, Yellow Stuff Index, and Non-such Index.  The TM transform produces a three-band output file with bands identified as: Brightness, Greenness, and Third.  The ETM transform produces a six-band output file with bands identified as: Brightness, Greenness, Wetness, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth.  The user is encouraged to consult the literature for assistance interpreting these data.

ENVI, as of version 5.4.1, does not have a function to apply the Tasseled Cap transform for the Landsat OLI (8) sensor.  In 2014 Muhammad Hasan Ali Baig and colleagues derived transform coefficients for the Landsat OLI sensor.  These coefficients are applied to Landsat OLI bands 2 through 7 (Blue, Green, Red, NIR, SWIR1, and SWIR2) to create new bands identified as: Brightness, Greenness, Wetness, TCT4, TCT5, and TCT6.  Below are the published coefficients to produce the Tasseled Cap transformation for the Landsat OLI sensor.

One can use Band Math in ENVI to create new files for the Brightness, Greenness, and Wetness data.  If desired, these three new files can be combined into a single file using the Layer Stacking function in ENVI.  You can see a member of the Yale Center for Earth Observation for a copy of the ENVI Band Math expressions to produce these new layers of data.  They are repeated below for your convenience.

Brightness:     b1*0.3029+b2*0.2786+b3*0.4733+b4*0.5599+b5*0.508+b6*0.1872
Greenness:     b1*(-0.2941)+b2*(-0.243)+b3*(-0.5424)+b4*0.7276+b5*0.0713+b6*(-0.1608)
Wetness:        b1*0.1511+b2*0.1973+b3*0.3283+b4*0.3407+b5*(-0.7117)+b6*(-0.4559)

Note:  The new Coastal Blue band 1 of the OLI sensor is not used in these transforms. 
Note:  Negative values must be enclosed in parenthesis.

Muhammad Hasan Ali Baig, Lifu Zhang, Tong Shuai & Qingxi Tong (2014) Derivation of a tasselled cap transformation based on Landsat 8 at-satellite reflectance, Remote Sensing Letters, 5:5, 423-431, DOI: 10.1080/2150704X.2014.915434

To link to the article: http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/2150704X.2014.915434