OEFS Project List

Student projects are listed by year and category.

Spring 2024 Semester

Disha Shidham Detecting Long-Lived Aircraft-Produced Condensation Cirrus Clouds by Fine-tuning an ML Model on Human-Labeled GOES-16 ABI Imagery
Regina Sung Vegetation Density, Socioeconomic Factors, and Urban Sustainability: Remote Sensing Analysis of Lawn Irrigation Practices in Las Vegas Valley
Stefan Oliva Quantifying and Predicting Methane Emissions Using Remote Sensing
Yike Chen

An analysis of the annual and seasonal distribution of methane mass mixing ratio of China in 2022

Climate Change and Drought
Hanna Winter Quantifying the Shrinking of the Dead Sea Detecting Changes in the Dead Sea Surface Area Utilizing Satellite Imagery
Seb Wang Gaouette Raven Frog // Eagle Fish: Indigenous Sovereignty and Coastal Climate Change on the Haida Gwaii Archipelago
Jeremy Pustilnik

Detecting African wildlife trails from space: A six year time series analysis

Amaya Sathurusinghe Temporal analysis of forest cover dynamics of Wilpattu Forest Complex in Sri Lanka from 1997 to 2015
Kumba Jammeh Analysis of vegetation Restoration in The Gambia’s Most deforested regions (Central and Lower River Region) for the period of 24years (1998-2022) Using Remote Sensing
Nicole Israel-Meyer Analyzing the Effectiveness of Brazil’s 2012 Forest Code in Northeast Mato Grosso
Hurricanes & Floods
Andres Mauricio Garcia-Chacon Examining the Impact of Storm Surge from Major Hurricanes in Florida Through Remote Sensing Imagery
Jamila Jaxaliyeva 2024 Russia-Kazakhstan Floods
Land Use/Cover Change
Botao Zhao Are People Farming on Steeper Lands? Analysis of Hydraulic Facilities Construction and Land Use Change in the Jinsha River Basin
Ian French Evaluating the Changing Landscape of the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard During Site Cleanup: 1989-2023
Murphy Tu Ice Jam into Desert: Monitoring the Development of New Wetlands after the Implementation of “Channeling Ice Jam of Yellow River into Desert” Project in Kubuqi Desert near Hanggin Banner, China
Parker Chang

Evaluating Changes in Coverage of Residential Area and Built Environments in Maui Over Two Decades

Ocean and Water Quality
Caitlin Chung Landsat 8 Remote Sensing for Oyster Growth Sites on the Connecticut Shoreline
Catie Fenstermaker Using Remote Sensing to Evaluate Sediment Migration and Barrier Island Erosion in Georgia’s Cumberland Island
Sooman Han Exploring the Interplay of Sea Surface Temperature and Height: Insights into ENSO and PDO Dynamics in the Northern Pacific Ocean
Snow, Ice and Glaciers
Christina Lee Synthetic Aperture Radar for Wet Snow Classification in the Sierra Nevada
Josh Chang Deciphering Spatio-Temporal Variation of Snow Cover Trends in the Northeastern U.S. Using Neural Network Classification
Yeim We

Assessment of Sentinel-2 Vegetation Indices for Estimating Aboveground Biomass and Soil Carbon in Brazilian Atlantic Forest and Eucalyptus Plantations

Urban Issues
Carl Philip Dybwad Exploring Urban Colorscapes: Satellite Analysis of City Hues and Their Impact on Well-being and Climate Resilience
Chris Santiago Mapping Urban Spaces: Texas subdivision Housing Blueprinting Mass Suburbanization
Madeleine Tran Impact of Urban Tree Canopy on Temperature in Bridgeport, CT
Regina Sung

Vegetation Density, Socioeconomic Factors, and Urban Sustainability: Remote Sensing Analysis of Lawn Irrigation Practices in Las Vegas Valley

Wars and Conflicts Impacts
Becca Chausse Remotely Sensed Assessments of Food Insecurity in South Sudan Using Normalized Burn Ratio
Sarah Cheung Tracking the Effects on War on the Environment in Gaza


Spring 2023 Semester

Arial Imagery
Jacob Peters

Creating a Mosaic of 1934 Aerial Imagery over New Haven, CT to Estimate Historic Tree Cover

Eliana Stone Crop Production and Pesticide Use in Mato Grosso, Brazil
Violet Low-Beinart Quantifying Silvopastoral Conversion in the Azuero Peninsula, Panama
Tyler Mar

Cracked Rice Bowl: Drought and Californian Rice Production

Vincent Haller Exploring the potential of image texture for forest biomass modeling in Chile 
Leah Clayton Recovery of Alaskan Tundra Post-Fire in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta
Pranik Chainani Remote Sensing Phenology and the Effect of the Recent War in Syria using NDVI Time Series Data
Emmanuel Takyi Monitoring Woody Enchroachment in a Forwst Savanna Mosaic
Bernard Nyanzu Assessing Forest Cover Change Within an Agriculture Landscape in Western Ghana
Fredrick Gyamfi Addai Galamsey: An Assessment of the Extent of Deforestation Caused by Gold Mining along 31.6 km of the Rive Offin, Using Remote Sensing
Dana Polomski

Using Remote Sensing for Detecting Lithologies and Minerals in Bou Azer, Morocco

Glacier Retreat
Guillaume Hoffmann Monitoring Glacier Recession in Zermatt from 1990-2020
Alaysia Navor Analysis of Snowpack Change and Glacial Retreat, 1986-2013 Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, Alaska
Land Use Change
Ben Everett-Lane The Impacts of Cobalt Mining on the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Jasmine Gormley Using Remote Sensing Techniques to Analyze Urbanization and Land Use Change in Western Montana, USA, Before and After the Onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Maddie Bartels Land Use Change in Northeastern Kazakhstan after Independence 
Landscape Change Detection
Raymond Fedrick Vegetation Cover Change since the Protection of the Ballona Wetlands
Ruiyan Huang Assessing Changes in Open Water Area due to Urbanization using Satellite Data inWujiang, Suzhou
Natural Hazards
Benjamin Mousseau High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing of Lava Flows in Visible and Near-Infrared Wavelengths
Selin Goren Quantifying the Damage Caused by the February 2023 (M7.8) Earthquake in Kahramanmaraş, Turkey using High-Resolution Satellite Imagery
Ocean and Water Quality
Bibek Shrestha Improvement of Water Clarity of Trishuli river, Nepal due to a Pause in Sand Mining during COVID-19 Lockdown: Elucidating the Impact of Sand Mining on River Water Quality using Remote Sensing
Eliza Poggi Detecting Increased Coastal Runoff Following Hurricane Harvey
Mingyu (Emily) Zhang Detecting Coral Reef Bleaching due to Artificial Island Construction using Sentinel-2B
Urban Greenness
Peyton Meyer

Using NDVI to Analyze Neighborhood Greenness in Bridgeport, CT

urban Heat
Makenzie Birkey

Redlining’s Legacies in New Haven: Surface Temperature Differences by Neighborhood

urban sprawl
Yuanyue (Mary) Yao Investigating the Urbanization of Northwest Hong Kong
Joshua Li The Correlation between Antarctic Ecotourism and Urban Expansion in Ushuaia
Oliver Leitner Mapping Suburban Growth and Vegetation Change in Reno, Nevada
Sadie Bograd

Analyzing the Effects of Urban Service Boundaries on Urban Expansion in Lexington, Kentucky

Wild Fire Hazard
Austin Pruitt Assessing Burn Severity of the 2018 Woolsey Fire and Determining Correlations between Pre-existing Vegetation Communities
Noah Weiner The Dixie Wildfire: A Before and After Analysis Using Remote Sensing


Spring 2022 Semester

urban sprawl
Selu Adams Examine the Change in Vegetation and Land Cover Change in an Area of Lumpkin County, Georgia
Matthew Duyst Studying the Effect of Converting Paddied Rice to Urban Land on Atmospheric Methane Concentration Along the Yangtze River Delta (YRD) in China
Wyatt Nabatoffh Analyzing the Effects of Rapid Urbanization in Charlotte-Mecklenburg County
Shelby Warrington Assess the Effect of Urban Expansion in Houston on High Flood Risk Area
Blake Weyerhaeuser Effect of Urban Expansion Around Lake Minnetonka and the Surrounding Bodies
urban heat
Adriana Maciel Metal Map Seasonal Distribution of Urban Green Space in Bay Area, CA
soil moisture
Urmila Mallick Examining Landscape Characteristics and Soil Properties in Botswana’s Makgadikgadi Landscape
method development
Teddy Horangic Classified Map Using a Combination of Drone Footage and Satellite Imagery
Jonathan Rigby Examining Wildfire Detection Through GOES 16 and 17 Imagery
land use change
Jon Michel Quantify the Land-Use Change of Big Sagebrush Ecosystems in Central Wyoming
Camilla Ledezma Quantify Land-Use/Cover Changes (LUCC) in an Area of the Venezuelan Llanos
glacier melting
Megan Grimes Quantify Glacial Retreat, Grey Glacier
Riley Wadehra Mapping the Extent of Savanna Ecosystems Over Time in Kruger National Park, South Africa and Surrounding Area
Katy Sun Analyzing the Rapid Rate of Deforestation in Kalimantan, Indonesia from 2001-2011
Aranzazu Soto Link Petroleum Extraction in the Ecuadorian Amazon to Deforestation and Reduced Vegetated Area
Marco Alvarez Compare Northern Florida Plantation Pine Stands in the Panhandle Region to Pine Stands in Preserves in Maine
environmental risk assessment
Brianna Fernandez

Comparison Between Before and After the 2016 Flash Flood in Greenbrier, West Virginia

Yiheng Zhou Monitoring Emperor Penguin Colonies at Cape Washington from 2013-2021 Using Landsat 8 Imagery
Richard Sturtevant Wetland Restoration in Eel River Headwater Restoration
Ella Lubin Compare NDVI before, during, and after 2019 extreme drought in Australia
Derek Fucich Mapping Gopher Tortoise Habitat Through RSPF Application
Anna de Hostos 

Harmful Algal Blooms in Alameda County during the 2011-2017 California Drought

Meredith Ryan Land Use Classification of an Area in Nebraska and Comparing NDVI Values of Three Different Crops
Maggie Hart Examing the Agricultural Impact in Northern Afghanistan Following Taliban Occupation


Spring 2021 Semester

land cover change
Sebastian Baez Land Use Change in Nassau County, NY, 1988-2016
Jacqueline Buonfiglio Investigating Changes in Human Impact Outside Protected Area in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa
Michela Catena Evaluation Land Cover Change in Central Vietnam to Inform Flood Hazard Analysis
Jeamme Chia Understanding Land Cover Change in Sepaku District, East Kalimantan Province, Indonesia (2000-2009)
Melissa Halstead Fracking Pipeline Landscape Change
Erin Lippitt Land Use Change Detection in the Southeastern Adirondacks
Yihong Zhu Forest Cover Change UnderUrbanization Background from 2000 to 2020 in Fuzhou, Southern China
Eudora Miao Characterizing the Change in Forested Area Around Noggang Village from 1990-2020
Annie Polish Multi-Instrument Observation of a Glacial Feature on Mars
Carlos Carrillo-Gallegos Urbanization of Conservation Area in Southern Mexico City
agriculture and vegetation
Raymond Zhao Utility-Scale Solar Farm Development and Its Impact on Land Use, NDVI, and Land Surface Temperature in California’s Imperial Valley
Benjamin W. Stern Pittsburgh’s Changing Vegetation Cover: Estimates & Inferences Using Satellite Imagery
Carolyn Savoldelli Quinnipiac River Marsh Vegetation Succession
Rachael Ross Using Remote Sensing to Analyze Smallholder Farmland Expansion in Loibor Siret, Northern Tanzania
Nora Hardy Monitoring Vegetation Regrowth at Dam Removal Sites Using Remote Sensing Techniques: Two Approaches for Large-Scale Sites 


Spring 2020 Semester

land cover change
Sangam Paudel Forest fires and land cover change in Nepal
Amelia Han Land cover change in Newtown, CT
Sherry Xu Using remote sensing to study desert “superblooms” in California
Minnie Min Ying Li Urban change detection in New Haven, CT using declassified imagery
Anya Lomsadze Change analysis surrounding the Merowe Dam, Sudan
Colin Baciocco Assessing changes in perennial ice cover on Baranof Island, Alaska
Xiyao Fu Reforestation in the Phillipines
Isa Del Toro Mijares Examining the deforestation effects of Plan Colombia’s glyposate campaigns
Jacob Payne Reforestation of the Icelandic landscape
Mary Yap Land use change and undocumented deforestation and urbanization
Air Quality
Ningjing Wang A comparative study of coronavirus’ impact on air quality
Victoria Dombrowik Modeling emissions and preliminary conditions of the 2018 Camp Fire
David Bruce Analysis of high resolution drone imagery of Horse Island
Katrina Starbird Detection of agricultural production in Saudi Arabia
Keer Zhang Mapping irrigated area in California
Sarah Esenther Water quality in Long Island Sound


Spring 2019 Semester

land cover change
Britta Dosch M&E verification of silvopastoral capacity building programs in Panama using 4 vegetation indices
Naoya Orita Leakage from REDD+ Project: Case study within the Madre de Dios region of Peru
Aidan Mock Palm oil-linked deforestation and forest degradation in Sabah, Malaysia
Rahul Nagvekar Land use change in Zimbabwe’s Shangani River Valley during the Gukuranhundi Massacres
Mingmin Feng Regional development assessment after connection to the highway in Motuo County, China
Mads O’Brien Vegetation and mineral alteration near Mammoth Geothermal Complex, Mono County, CA
Zach Gold Change detection during a historic drought in Kruger National Park, South Africa
Charlotte Stanley Drought impact on crops in the Cape Winelands
hurricanes & floods
Daniel Monteagudo Observing vegetation loss in Cuba due to Hurricane Michael using Sentinel-2 imagery
Daniel Losos Multi-temporal analysis of inland flooding following Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas
Devon Ericksen Remote sensing of April 2018 Kauai floods
Trina White Mapping ice cover on the Cordillera Blanca mountain range in Western Peru
Nadia Grisaru The effects of black carbon from wildfires on glacier surface albedo and ablation
Ulla Heede Outgoing longwave radiation and tropical clouds
Hoon Pyo (Tim) Jeon Estimating ground-level NO2 concentrations over the Korean Peninsula using Sentinel-5P data
Alan Fairbank Then and now: Documenting urbanization of Surket Valley from 1976-2018
Chengcheng Qiu Vegetation coverage around Hutong and modern residential neighborhoods in Beijing
Lauren Stoneburner Detecting urban tree canopy cover change in Portland, OR
Yihao Xie Urbanization in Lanzhou New Area, China
Sally Goodman Mapping water features and wildlife in Laikipia County, Kenya
Zhi Yi Yeo Understanding coral reef stressors on urban reefs along the southern shores of Singapore
Zhi Li The influences of fire severity on forest regeneration in the West
Will Strauch Detection of cumulative spruce budworm defoliation using Landsat imagery


Spring 2018 Semester

Jaclyn Kachelmeyer Detecting Agricultural Changes in Finney, Gray, and Haskell Counties, Kansas
Bowen Fang Studying the Agriculture Change in a Northwest China Artificial Oasis
Dylan Cicero A Satellite Remote Sensing Analysis of Cover Cropping Practices in Champaign County, Illinois
Alberto Tordesillas Torres Crop pattern changes in La Mancha region, Spain
Rachel McMonagle Assessing the vegetation effects of the 2006 drought and subsequent conflict in Syria
Alexandra Savino 2016 Drought Impact on Reservoirs and Large Lakes in New Jersey
Sharada Vadlamani Before and After the Drought - Analysis of Changes in Nebraska’s Agricultural Productivity from 2010-2016
Natural Hazards
Sushant Banjara Detection and Interpretation of Land Cover Changes Caused by Koshi Flood, 2008
Cori Grainger Determining flooding impact in Almora, India from 2008 – 2018 using MODIS NDVI data
Tina Huang Damage and Recovery Assessment in Puerto Rico Following Hurricane Maria
Grace Reville Assessing the Impact of Hurricane Irma on Barbuda Land Cover Using Sentinel 2 Imagery
Theo Kuhn Volcanic Hazard Assessment of Mount Sundoro, Java, Indonesia
Maddie Shankle Cloud Phase Properties and Structure in the Indian Monsoon
Maggie Yao Assessing Temporal and Spatial Variations in Dust Storms in Northeastern China
Helen Siegel Process for Mineral Identification in the Mawrth Vallis, Mars
Landscape Change Detection
Indra Acharja Land Use Change and urbanization in Punatsangchu Valley, Bhutan
Younten Phuntsho Study on the impacts of ban on shifting cultivation through landcover change analysis
Andry Rajaoberison Mangrove Cover and Land Use Change in Coastal Environments
Nicholas Fields Assessing land cover change on a Caribbean small island state: Barbados, 2002 to 2017
Jack Singer Forest Type Change in the Roaring Fork Watershed, Colorado
Yookyung Kim Time Series Analysis of the Grand Canyon National Park Region


Spring 2017 Semester

Forest Issues
Brian Lee Monitoring deforestation in the Moskitia Corridor between Honduras and Nicaragua
Holden Leslie-Bole Deforestation Patterns in the Lowlands of Eastern Bolivia
Benjamin Rifkin Changes in Vegetation Cover over 14 Years in Southwestern Madagascar
Aaron Lefland Detecting Connecticut’s 2016 Gypsy Moth Defoliation Event Using Landsat Imager
Mitchell Weldon Investigation of Sentinel-2 Data for Distinguishing Conifer Species in the Catlins
Human Impacts
Kathryn McConnell New Zealand’s Emissions Trading Scheme and Land Use Patterns: Exploring the Forest to Dairy Conversion Hypothesis
Rose Sulentic Urbanization in Cluj-Napoca: Examining Expansion After Joining the EU
Alyssa Parpia Kawasaki Disease and Dust Storms in Latin America and the Caribbean: An Exploratory Analysis using Meteosat and MODIS
Adam Eichenwald Seasonal Distributions of Predators and Prey: Mapping Presence of Falcons and Grouse with Maximum Entropy Modeling
Luke Menard Identifying Grazing Halos from a Series of Depth-Corrected Satellite Images
Juliana Hanle Remote sensing to track Thick-billed Murre habitat change on Prince Leopold Island, Nunavut
Qiying Kuang Explore Changes of Panda Habitat Over Time
Rachel Renne Relating Climate Zones and Vegetation in the Sagebrush Region of the United States
William Koh NDVI Growing Season Analysis: Currant Creek Ranch
TC Chakraborty Investigating associations between air temperature and surface temperature over North America
Dimitri Diagne Lac de Guiers, 1987 and 2016: Interannual and Seasonal Surface Area Change in a Sahelian Lake
Khalid Cannon The Impact of Climate Change on the Coastline of Newtok, Alaska
Hannah Walchak Drought and Recovery at Lake Oroville, California Exploration of Planet Labs Image Capabilities, Processing & Analysis Methods
Ajit Rajiva Observing Vegetation-Temperature Relationships in Western India
Nina Lagpacan Detecting Grassland to Cropland Conversion in Southeastern Montana
Sophie Ruehr The Spatial Effects of the Moroccan Green Plan: Using ENVI to detect change in agricultural technology near Agadir
Landscape Change Detection
Samantha Garvin Development and Degazzetement: land cover change over time in northern Botswana
Joanne Choly Change in Vegetation and Land Cover/Land Use in the Mount Monadnock Area of Cheshire County, NH
Genora Givens Land Cover Change in Apia, Samoa
RS Techniques
Andrew Wilcox Integrating High Resolution Imagery with Satellite Data
Qingyang Chen Texture-based Land Cover Classification
Cameron Yick Day & Night: Combining High-Resolution Night Photography with LANDSAT to Understand Land Use in Dubai


Spring 2016 Semester

Human Impacts
Sabrina Szeto The Fate of Burned Lands in Riau, Indonesia
Shaadee Ahmadnia Global Policies, Substitution, and the Rise of Palm Oil in Kalimantan
Ariege Besson Poverty across Indonesia measured through access to electricity
Chendan Yan Observing Change in Urban Heat Island Effects and Vegetation in Shanghai
Stephanie Ng Examining the Urban Heat Island effects in Singapore
Kate Farley Recovery of Mountain Top Removal sites in eastern Kentucky over time
Landscape Change Detection
Rachel Gulbraa Land use change on Easter Island
Martin Becker Land use change in the Araucarias Biosphere Reserve in Chile
Chelsea Judy Land use change and forest degradation in Ethiopia
Serena Lau Land cover change in California’s Central Valley
Rachel Lowenthal Study the Farmington River watershed
Ana Lambert Change detection in Lake Chapala
Aisha Pasha Changes in the Chernobyl exclusion zone
Shu Tao Pripyat - Changes 30 years after the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster
Kara Fikrig Rat habitat for studying Leptospirosis in Salvador, Brazil
Rachel Arnesen Predicting schistosomiasis risk in Zimbabwe using remote sensing data
Olivia Walker Detecting Land Use Patterns in Archeological Sites in the Tao River Valley
Oceans & Atmosphere
Melissa Castera Algal Blooms In the Gulf of Mexico
Bart DiFiore Grazing halos around coral reefs
John McNamara Air Pollution Effects on the Radiative Properties of Clouds in West Africa
Christine Tsai Cloud Phase Discrimination using MODIS Imagery
Annie Bui NDVI study of drought conditions in California
Lily Hahn Impact of 2012 Colorado Drought on Fire Risk Factors
Nicholas Brown Elevation and vegetation Relationship in the Peruvian Central Highlands
Maria Pozimski Effects on Treeline Classification on Landsat Imagery
Grace Stonecipher Using change detection to identify wildfire areas in Alaska
Chenyu Ma Surface Melt of Central and Western Chugach Mountains
Weijing Soh El Niño Impacts on the Stress Response of Forests and Palm Plantations
Rain Tsong Vegetation response to El Niño in Southern California
Wenjun Wang Large scale monitoring of snow cover change in Tibetan-Qinghai Plateau

Spring 2015 Semester

Forest Issues
Simeon Max Mapping Forest in SE Asia using Data from the Google Earth Engine
Maya Midzik Factors Affecting Vegetative Growth in the Gunnison National Forest
Alex Todorovic-Jones Forest mapping of Uttarakhand, India
Steven Patriarco Evaluating Forest Change in the Greater Gunung Palung Region of West Kalimantan, Indonesia from 2007-2014
Katie Weber Crops and Conflict: Irrigation along the Euphrates River in Syria and Iraq
Eric Fein Libya Desert Irrigation and Water Consumption
Matheus Couto Brazilian Soy Moratorium Impacts on Productive Area and Deforestation
Urban Issues
Phil Esterman Using Satellite Night Lights to Monitor Urban Expansion in India
Landscape Change Detection
Paige Breen The Effects of Overgrazing and Attempts at Restoration in Chacabuco Valley
David Gonzalez Land-Use Change and Development in Madre de Dios, Peru
Vinh Lang Change Within and Around Sinharaja Man Biosphere Reserve, Sri Lanka
Nitsan Shakked Monitoring Water Level Changes of the Aral Sea Between 1985 and 2014
Water & Drought
Chris Bowman Remote Sensing of Wetland Hydrology in South Florida
Ross Bernet Snowpack and Glaciation in California’s Eastern Sierras
Gabriela Baeza-Castaneda Observing Drought Effects Adjacent to the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta
Matt Goldklang Using MODIS NDVI Timeseries to Study Drought
Ben Hayes Forest Drought Stress in Northwest Oregon
XinXin Xu Mesoproterozoic Geology of the Sinclair Group
Pamela Soto Sea Level Rise and Wetland Loss in Coastal Louisiana
Jiani Yang Monitoring Norway Spruce Migration in the Scandinavia Peninsula
Energy Balance
Ethan Kyzivat Remotely Sensing Soil Moisture: Spectrometry and Heat Budget Analysis


Spring 2014 Semester

Forest Issues
Celine Lim Change of Peat Swamp Forests and Palm Oil in Kalimantan
Kristin Dreiling Rocky Mountain Pine Beetle: Small Insects Making a Big Impact Colorado Forests
Sarah Tolbert Measure Forest Changes Over Time in the Burhiniyi Community Forest
Wan Nurul Naszeerah Eco-epidemiology of malaria at Bhutan-India Border
Carlin Rosengarten Observing Land Cover Transformations in Vietnam’s Coffee-Growing Highlands
Colin Brown Change Detection and Land Cover of Almond Orchards in California’s San Joaquin Valley
Gabriel Chait Shifting Agriculture and Forest Land Uses in the Southern Yucatan Peninsula
Julia Anderson Detecting Greenhouse Agricultural Expansion in China using Landsat Imagery
Sophie Young Intensification of Cotton Cultivation in Xinjiang Province, China since 1990
Urban Issues
Alexander Shiarella Tracking Urban Expansion and Change in Warsaw, Poland
Avishesh Neupane Urbanization and Land Use Change in Kathmandu Valley
Ijeamaka Anyene Evaluating Urban Expansion and Land Cover Change in Nairobi, Kenya
Peter Hirsch Informal Settlement Mapping of Mumbai, India
Vivienne Zhang Measuring the Accelerated Population Growth and Urbanization of the Tibet Autonomous Region
Human Impacts
Catherine Kuhn Climate Change Vulnerability in the Powder River Basin, WY
Joseph Calamia Determining the Growth of the Jharia Coalfield Fire
Marjorie Hirs Oil Slick Monitoring
RS Techniques
Jamie O’Connell Can salt marsh community vegetation be identified based on spectral signatures?
Jill Kelly Modifiable Areal Unit Problem in Remote Sensing Pixel Resolution
Parker Liautaud Change Detection Study of Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapse
Colby Tucker Effect of Drought on Soil Moisture and NDVI in Relation to Water Origin in Northern Ca
Julie Carson Flood Impact in Sept 2013 in Boulder & Estes Park Region
Simon Gore Flood Plain Classification for Hydrology Friction Modeling
Uma Bhandaram Urbanization and Implications on Wetland Areas in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
Yiyuan Qin Exploring RS Applications in Assessing Water Quality in Belgrade Lakes Region, ME
Jan Kolmas Seasonal Changes in Martian Polar Regions


Spring 2013 Semester

Forest Issues
Hanna Mershman Forest Succession & the 1994 Northwest Forest Plan, Willamette Nat. Forest, OR
Jin Yin Change Detection of Landuse in Leishan County, China
Abigail Eurich Analysis of Mountain Pine Beetle Damage Extent in Colorado and Wyoming
Carlos Gould A Study of Deforestation in Rondônia, Brazil
Ambika Khadka Forest cover changes in Xinjiang River sub-watershed in Jiangxi Province, China
Jonathan Sullivan Estimating aboveground tree biomass at Yale-Myers Forest
Lexi Tuddenham Analysis of Haiti reforestation
Peter Umunay Detecting Land Cover Change in the Ituri Forest, Democratic Republic of Congo
Kimberly Lay Classification of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil: Implications for Urban Slum Health
Nicole West Mapping malaria vector habitat in Sarpang province of Bhutan
Landscape Change Detection
Matt Bare Measure land use change in the Colombian Amazon
Emanuel Feld Land cover change in the Rufiji River and Delta region
Molly Roske Quantify land cover change over time in the southeastern Azuero Peninsula of Panama
Sumana Serchan Detecting land use land cover in the northern region of Lake Champlain Basin
David Tan Tracking Changes in Vegetation Cover in Tropical Lowland Singapore
Lucia Woo Change detection analysis in the western coastal areas of Aceh, Indonesia
Landscape Modeling
Henry Glick A Modeling Cougar Habitat in the Northeast
Beth Tellman Land Cover/Land Use Change for Rainfall-Run-off Modeling in El Salvador
Urban Issues
Meredith Azevedo Effects of Urban Expansion on Agricultural Lands: A Delhi, India Case Study
Ben Friedman Observing Population Growth in Douglas County, Colorado
Esther Rojas-Garcia Observation of land-use change of the top megacity worldwide: Delhi, India
Kellie Stokes Quantifying Urban Extent and Urban Greenspace Changes in Tianjin China
Human Impacts
Thomas Rokholt Exploration of pollution & human activity on vegetation in Sognefjord region of Norway
Anna Wade Environmental changes caused by Mountaintop Mining
Madeline Yozwiak Quantify the impact of shale gas infrastructure on the Pennsylvania landscape
Oceans & Atmosphere
Sarah Ditchek Remote Sensing of SST, Chlorophyll A, and NDVI off the Coast of Peru
Allegra Gordon Seasonal change in Arctic Sea Ice
Azusa Takeishi Inter-annual variability of wintertime precipitation over the Rocky Mountain
Johanna Press Comparison of Dust Identification Methods in the Middle East Region
Water & Drought
Jenna Hessert

Environmental Change in Etosha, Namibia

Sonam Choden

Melting Glaciers in the Himalayas: in The Punatsang Chhu River Basin, Bhutan

Israel Kositsky

Observing the Decreasing Water Levels in the Dead Sea

Ellen Arnstein

Measuring Water Level Changes in Lake Titicaca

Yiqi Zheng

Examining the Responses of Different Land Types to Drought

Xiangying Shi

What caused the Forest Degradation? Differentiating Droughts and Deforestation

Luke Cartwright

Examination of the 2012 heatwave and drought in the UK

Emily Farr Trends in Agriculture in the Po River Valley
Frieda Fein Expansion of irrigated agriculture in the Western Nile Delta
Michael Nestler Center Pivot Irrigation Agriculture in the Arabian Desert
Philippa Stoddard Identification of pre-colonial Andean agricultural terraces
Beata Fiszer

Wallow Fire: Burn Scar characteristics

Kandice Harper

Impact of Fire on Albedo and Land Surface Temperature in the Alaskan Boreal Forest

Heat Budget
Natalie Schultz

Surface heat budget analysis of deforestation in Indonesia

Ryan Laemel

Surface Albedo Measurements of New Haven

RS Techniques
Lindsi Seegmiller

High Resolution vs Low Resolution: A comparative study of satellite imagery analysis


Spring 2012 Semester

Forest Issues
Julia Osterman Examining forest cover in northern Madagascar
Kayanna Warren How well can Landsat Determine Stand Age after Harvest?
Tina Schneider Forest cover change detection on the Thai-Lao border
Natalie Price Classifying Greater Cairo to determine high risk areas for avian flu transmission
Landscape Change Detection
Sharon Smith Land-Use change in the Boa-Esperança corridor, Bahia, Brazil
Daniel Hoshizaki Change detection on the Mattole River watershed
Christopher Dutton Land Cover Change in and around the Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya
Frances Liu Agricultural changes in central Crete, Greece
Kanchan Shrestha Describing the Changes in Koshi River Basin using Landsat
Meredith Martin Land-use change around Jenaro Herrera in Loreto, Peru from 1985-2011
Landcover Mapping
Jennifer Kasbohm A Geological Classification of the Sinclair Group, Namibia
Rafael Lefkowitz Remote Sensing of the Dead Sea Region
Rachel Kramer Mapping the forest-agricultural boundary along a National Park in Madagascar
Nikki Grigg A Seasonal Comparison of Vegetation and Elevation in Chaco Canyon
Urban Issues
Denise Soesilo Monitor vegetative growth against population and density in Berlin, Germany
Paulo Quadri Barba Land Use and Temperature Variations across Eastern Mexico City Valley
Catherine Chen The Effect of Drought on Mongolia
Rebecca Schultz Interpreting Atmospheric Aerosols with Remote Satellite Imagery
Rick Russotto Saharan dust and the DOMEX project
Environmental Issues
Erin Raboin Assessing biomass across a mixed-use landscape in Panama
Ankur Garg Identify potential for energy generation from non-wood based biomass
Matthew Long An Examination of Turbidity in the upper Chesapeake Bay
Sebastian Ramirez Vegetation response to summer monsoon, elevation and aspect in Mexico
Judith Ament Effects of the 1997/1998 El Nino events on the water levels of Lake Kyoga, Uganda
Andrew Womack Detecting Degradation in Archaeological Sites Over Time in the Chengdu Plain
RS Techniques
Danielle Rappaport Land cover classification with a focus on cloud and cloud shadow removal


Spring 2011 Semester

Forest Issues
Nathan Rutenbeck Estimating Land Cover Type on Parcels of Conservation Value
Jason Lawhon Mapping Pine Beetle Mortality in Wyoming Mixed Conifer Forest
Selin Devranoglu Remote Sensing of Forest Health: Case of Insect Damage Hatila Valley, Turkey
Campbell Moore Fire and Forest Degradation in Niumi District, The Gambia
Landscape Change Detection
Lily Zeng Land cover change in Xishuangbanna, China
Rita Effah Land use land cover changes in a high forest zone in southwest Ghana
Man-Yu Yang Kingmen Taiwan Post-war land use change
Yan He Landscape Change in Xin Jiang Province, China, 1989-2010
Yao Fu Visualizing the Aftermath of the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami through Change Detection
Amy Higgins Land Cover Classification & Change Detection in Ladakh, India using ASTER Imagery
Jeffrey Chow Vegetation change in El salvador
Mohammed Salim Effect of land use on the incidence of Lyme disease on Block Island, Rhode Island
Urban Issues
Yang Tian Radiative forcing at local to national level associated with urbanization in China
Nedal Nassar Estimating Changes in Urban Metal Stocks via Nighttime lights
Growth of Lima city: Trends and implications
Landcover Mapping
Jennifer Miller Land Cover Classification ofPanna Tiger Reserve, India
Lauren Brooks Detection of Mountain Top Removal Sites in Southern West Virginia using Image Enhancement Indices
Angela Orthmeyer Ecosystem Services in the Natchaug Watershed, CT
David Ross Identification of pasture lands in the Sao Felix do Xingu, Brazil
Anobha Gurung Land cover and surface temperature for Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
Aitong Li RS_Final_Presentation: The Case of Mt Everest Natural Reserve, Tibet
Kristofer Covey Predicting optimal backcountry skiing habitat in the dankness of Vermont: A remote sensing and GIS approach


Spring 2010 Semester

Forest Issues
Ben Blom Forest loss along a political gradient: Change in the border region of Hispaniola
Eli Mitchell-Larson Building an objective case for uniqueness of the Perucica Forest Reserve
Elaine Hooper Utilization of remotely sensed data to characterize tropical forest fragmentation
Lucy Dunnington Northern Russia Boreal Forest
Roopa Krithivasan Forest cover change in south India
Landscape Change Detection
Eliot Logan-Hines Land-use change in Coto Brus, Costa Rica 1987-2001
Pablo Reed Deforestation and urbanization patterns around Lago Agrio Sucumbios, Ecuador
Giancarlo Raschio Deforestation and land degradation detection using Landsat TM images
Troy Hill Salt marsh vegetation change at Sherwood Island State Park: 1974-present
Eliza Little Detectng environmental drivers of 2 important Dengue Fever vectors
Dan Summers Characterize the dengue vector in Ribeirão Preto, Brazil using several ASTER images
Fleur Porter Urban expansion of Dhaka, Bangladesh, with implications for disease ecology and health management
Tyler Griswold Examining the ecologic determinants of risk for yellow fever and dengue in Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Human Impacts on the Environment
Ian Starr Using ASTER and LandSat to detect small illegal road networks within the Sete de Setembro Indigenous Reserve
Alexandra Andrews Rabbit Creek Gold Mine: a study of land use change in Winnemucca, NV
Manuel Mavila Infiltration and runoff processes across three main land uses in the Peruvian Andean Amazon
Pam Labib

Egypt land cover changes that impact ecosystem primary productivity

Urban Issues
Chris Mackey Evaluating Chicago’s Urban Heat Island policy with remote sensing
Ziyan Chu Urbanization and land cover in Connecticut
Eric Fournier Changes in urban areas of California expecting significant precipitation shortages
Kirsty Escalante Exploring the effects of the 1997-1998 El Niño on the Moche Valley in Peru
Matt Ramlow Evaluating the effects of thermokarst lakes on climate in the Bering Land Bridge
Chelsea Willett

Investigation of elevation and topography’s influence on N. Patagonian Ice Sheet

Wade Campbell Remote sensing for archaeological prospecting in the Méma, Mali
Diana Connett

Using satellite data to estimate ground-level CO2 emissions

Michele Dufault

Characterizing seasonal change in Russell Crater Dune System

Sarah Bahan

Characterization of the oilbird habitat near Cueva del Guácharo, Venezuela


Spring 2009 Semester

Forest Issues
Jacob Berv Investigation of the Mountain Pine Beetle infestation in British Columbia, Canada
Ian Cummins Deforestation in Santa Barbara Honduras
Christine Trac Forest Change in China: are China’s forestry statistics supported by remote sensing data?
Desert Environment
Peter Coutros The Timbuktu Expedition Project
Lauren Adams Detecting water use in the desert
Landscape Change Detection
Dana Graef Land use change around Havana, Cuba 1985-2000
Christa Anderson Land use change on Kuku Ranch, Kajiado District, Kenya
Jacob Munger Land use in Bangalore, India
Esteban Rossi Land cover change in the tamed frontier: Iquitos, Peruvian Amazon
Cica Viana Land cover changes in a region of eastern Brazilian Amazon
Jennifer Hoyle Exploring MODIS snow cover products
Marissa Matsler Calculating index variables using remote sensing techniques
Bjorn Fredrickson Developing a tea index for the Upper Assam
Xin Zhang Detecting landcover type and surface flux through remote sensing in Minn
Tim Kramer PALSAR/ALOS vs. Landsat TM: A classification comparison
Michele Trickey Evaluation of the use of MODIS emissive bands to detect low-level tropospheric inversions over Antofagasta, Chile
Angel Hsu Blue-skies Beijing? Deriving aerosol information from MODIS to assess air quality in Beijing
Sarah Dewey Cloud lines off of Cape Hatteras
Meagan Fitzpatrick Characterize Aedes mosquito habitat
Sarah Guagliardo Characterization of mangroves in Cajigal Municipality, Sucre State, Venezuela
Vasso Pappa Comparison of landcover change detection techniques
Molly Rosenberg Landscape characterization of risk for Lyme Disease on Block Island: New techniques for creating risk maps in small island settings
Brian Seavey The potential use of Landsat TM imagery to create an “Early Warning” Praziquantel supply system to improve Schistosomiasis control
Urban Issues
Peter Christensen Examining agriculture-urban land conversion in the Rio Bravo Watershed
Norio Takaki Characterizing urban expansion around Brasilia
Tianming Chen Influences of urbanization on local climate in Beijing
Dea Doklestic Examining the 2009 drought effects in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Aaron Judah Measuring changes in feedback mechanisms responsible for exacerbating heatwaves and droughts from space observations
Tamara Machac Surface heat budgets and land-cover in Northern Wyoming
Nicole Thom The recent flood of the Red River in North Dakota


Fall 2007 Semester

Forest Issues
Mila Dunbar-Irwin Deforestation in the Palembang Area, Indonesia
Sam Price A proof-of-concept forest stand type map for Armenia from Landsat TM imagery
Carlos Chiriboga Identification of archaeological site locations in the northwestern area of the Petén, Guatemala
Will Gardner Remote sensing survey of prehistoric land cultivation In the Yampa and White River Drainage Basins
Chris Milan Examine regional differecnes within the Lurin Valley, Peru
Landscape Change Detection
Madeline Blount Climate change in the Tibetan Plateau
Kyle Meister Detecting cover change and areas of vegetated refugia in the border region between Brazil and Paraguay
Yong Zhao Land uUse change of Lhalu Wetland National Nature Reserve from 1980’s to 2006
Sara Enders Changes in vegetation and hydrology of subwatersheds of the Mississippi River Basin
Time Series
Noel Aloysius Land cover classification based on enhanced vegetation index time series for the Northern Great Plains
Mercedes Bravo Drought/precipitation pattern assessment in the Gila Wilderness Area of New Mexico
Spectral Analysis
Abby Fraeman Mineral identification in the Nili Fossae Trough region of Mars
Maung Moe Myint Analyze spectral changes during leaf desiccation
Ryan Carney Using remotely-sensed satellite data to predict the Peridomestic West Nile Virus Avian host populations in Sacramento County, California
David Davis-Boozer Using remote sensing to model robin distribution in Connecticut
Keita Ebisu Association between residential landuse and asthma severity
Nat Wilson Using Landsat imagery to characterize snow metamorphosis over alpine topography
Andrew Delman Sea surface temperatures and precipitation patterns in the Galápagos Islands Area, Pacific Ocean


Spring 2007 Semester

Forest Issues
Alark Saxena Using Landsat imagery to locate coconut plantations on the Island of Dominica
Daniel Peerless Exploring methods to age-classify recent fire scars in the boreal forests of Denali National Park
Xuemei Han Comparing the effectiveness of different image types in classifying multiple forest characteristics in northeastern China
Innocent Liengola Remote sensing as a tool to detect Sericostachys scandens distribution in the Grauer’s gorilla habitats
Laura Robertson Spectral assessment of forest damage in the High-Peaks region of the Adirondack Forest
Nathan Reagle Identification and spread of Mountain Pine Beetle in British Columbia
Christopher McManus Measuring sources of wild food in Nkandla, South Africa
Kimberly Lau Studying primate habitat canopy density changes Near Lake Nakuru, Kenya
Alex DeWire Examining post-Katrina wetlands recovery
Paula Randler The salt marsh at Sherwood Island State Park from 1974 to 2005
Chris Yuan-Farrell Change detection in a salt marsh community along the Quinnipiac River
Punit Lalbhai Predicting bird abundances and composition using satellite imagery
Landscape Change Detection
Abigail Letzter Urban expansion of Chicago from 1989 to 2001
Brenna Vredeveld Land cover change in and around Quito, Ecuador
John Nixon Comparing land change over ~14 years in the northern and southern study areas of the BOREAS research project
Laura Frye-Levine Modeling land-cover change in a Honduran national park
Lei Lei Examining wetlands changes around Lake Powell from 1991 to 2000
Natalie Ceperley Land-cover change in riparian corridors of the Central Oueme Basin
Lynda Odofin Observing the Niger Delta from Space: The effects of oil exploration
Tom James Vegetation change assessment in the Darhad Valley, Mongolia
Tara Mayeau Vertical uplift and normal fault identification in Western Crete from InSAR and ASTER
Karen Stamieszkin Pacific Ocean SST and chlorophyll concentrations in normal and El Niño years
Micah Ziegler Studying the changing sediment loads in the Chesapeake Bay
Bridgid Curry Characterizing the smoke plume generated by a Canadian forest fire
Xiaoyue Du Using MODIS data to study sand and dust storms in eastern China
Melanie Parker Investigating cloud properties off the coast of Southern California
Kasia Wegrzyn The change in maximum sea ice extent in the Greenland Sea, 2000 to 2006
Kevin Currey Examining high-latitude mountain meteorology on Mt. McKinley
Matt Grant Studying mountain micro-climates in Glacier National Park


Spring 2006 Semester

Forest Issues
Wendy Francesconi Reforestation in Esparza, Costa Rica. Landscape changes as a consequence of improved agricultural practices
Jennifer Adler Mapping Blue Gum Eucalyptus in coastal California
Perrine Punwani Deforestation around refugee camps in southern Guinea
Jessica Albietz Tracking trends in deforestation in the Antongil Bay watersheds, 1996 - 2001
Erin Cushing Deforestation and land cover change in SE Madagascar
Caroline Simmonds Comparing spatial deforestation patterns over time
Human Impacts on the Environment
Ross Geredien Mountaintop removal coal mining in southern West Virginia
Ikuko Matsumoto Mining impacts on vegetation in the Philippines
Jessica Darling Identifying marginal agricultural lands in Mato Grosso, Brazil
Kanvaly Bamba Comparing the recent drought to the climate of prior years
Anthony Didlake Examining the influence of terrain and precipitation on the seasonal variability of vegetation in northern CA
Urban Issues
Shawn Walker Exploring diurnal temperature fluctuation in and around two metropolitan regions
Jayoung Koo Detecting landcover change influenced by development in Cheju Island, 1990 - 2000
Joel Creswell Classifying impervious surface cover in New Haven County watersheds
Water Quality
Shani Harmon Remote sensing productivity in the Chesapeake Bay
Rhead Enion Measuring sedimentation rates in the Chesapeake Bay through satellite imaging
David Griffith The impacts of land use on total suspended solid and chloryphyll a concentrations
Kate Woodruff The impact of water diversion projects on land use in the lower Mekong River region
Snow, Ice and Glaciers
Steven Brady Predicting marbled salamander distribution based on surface ice cover
Fox Kral Detecting glacial change on Mt. Kilamanjaro
Denise Levitan Assessing change in the extent of glaciers in Glacier N.P.
Critter Thompson Changing snowpack & changing climate in the Puget Sound - Georgia Basin region
Kasia Wegrzyn Seasonal ice pack and change over time of the size of the Ross Ice Shelf
Na Xu Investigating glaciers and landcover change in the Chile - Argentina border
Storms and other Natural Events
Jenna Bourne Evolution of Hurricane Katrina
Kara DiFrancesco Wetland loss after Hurricane Katrina
Devin McPhillips Identification of dust storm source regions using MODIS imagery
Beth Feingold Characterize the Augustine Volcano eruption of January 2006
Emily Hicks Indirect effects of the Indian Ocean Tsunami - Assessing changes in inland forest cover
Catherine Schloegel Examining fire scar patterns in the Mesa Verde Plateau
Landscape Change Detection
Avery Anderson Impact of land use change in the Upper Green River Valley, WY on large carnivore populations
Mohamad Chakaki Landcover classification and change detection in Damascus, Syria
Manisha Gangopadhyay Tracking temporal changes of two rivers in Bangladesh
Anil Pokhrel Land use changes along the Koshi River Basin of E. Nepal
Markelle Smith Changing landuse patterns in the Grand Traverse Bay watershed
Elizabeth Ra’cz Changes in vegetation and water on Pine Ridge Reservation, 1979 - 2000
Emily Goble Vegetation difference in the Tugen Hills/Lake Baringo area of Kenya
Laura Jeanty Studying land cover change in MA using MODIS imagery
Techniques and Issues of Scale
Kristen Welsh Masking clouds in satellite imagery: effectiveness in land cover classification
Amany von Oehsen Comparing MODIS and Landsat scenes in the State of Mato Grosso
Yue Wang Vegetation mapping and spatial interpolation in the southwest of China
Kevin Lauterbach Identifying waterbodies at different spatial resolutions
Rebecca Sanborn Developing conservation monitoring techniques using Landsat and ASTER images
Jason Nesbitt Using ASTER to study archaeological landscapes in the Huanuco region of Peru
Liza Lutzker Examining deciduous forest fragmentation at two levels of resolution


Fall 2004 Semester

Forest Issues
Jim Cronan Forest succession stages after wild fires in Alaska
Andrew Niccolai Evaluation of forest cover estimation approaches derived from remotely sensed imagery for the Dewey Wills Wildlife Management Area, Louisiana
Rafael Bernardi Assessing the current situation and evolution of fragments of coastal sand forests in Uruguay
Dan Braden Quantifying forest cover change in the Western Area forest of Sierra Leone
Luisa Fernanda Lema V?lez Assessing mangrove restoration in the Ci?naga Grande De Santa Marta
Vincent Medjibe Examining changes in the Dzanga - Sangha region of the Central African Republic from 1986 to 2001
Rolando Mendez-Treneman Development of a remote sensing procedure to identify wetlands
Human Impacts on the Environment
Laura Cuoco Studying the expansion of shrimp farms in the Chone River estuary of Ecuador
Melissa Andersen Land use cChange in southeastern Iraq: An analysis of pre- and post-Gulf War marshlands
Rebecca Barnes Nitrogen export from the Quinnipiac watershed
Linda Kramme Evaluating landcover and landuse changes near Gunung Palung National Park, West Kalimantan, Indonesia
Kathryn Dana Irrigation and tourism impacts on the Segura River region of Spain
Wei-Chien Lai Investigating the impact of economic development on the coastal environment of Taiwan
Brandon Berkeley Exploring seasonal and long-term changes in vegetation cover in the Sahel region of western Africa
Miriam Clinton An investigation of the relationship between climate change and patterns on Native American reservations in South Dakota
Urban Issues
Victoria Thompson Urban sprawl in Austin, TX between 1987 and 2001
Jocelyn Hittle Investigating landcover change in the Seattle metropolitan region between 1990 and 2000
Stephanie Horn Landcover change detection of Huntsville, AL between 1991 and 2001
Iona Hawken Urban Jungle: Urbanization, land-cover change, and urban-rural dynamics in a development frontier of Amaz?nia
Public Health
Katherine Hansen Habitat characterization of the Lone Star Tick Amblyomma americanum
Erika Schielke Predicting locust plagues in western Australia using NDVI
Industrial Impacts
Laura Evans Heavy industry decline and the return of vegetation to Allegheny
Andrea Johnson Monitoring gas and oil pipelines with remote sensing in a tropical forest
Russell Schimmer Identifying copper mine tailings using remote sensing
Yukiko Tonoike Exploring how snow cover and vegetation nomadic populations in NW Iran


Spring 2004 Semester

Forest Issues
Liz Petruska Examining changing forestry practices in the industrial and Non- industrial forested landscapes of Maine
Erik Hayward Using Landsat and DEM data to detect landcover change in northwestern Maine
Trent Malcolm Estimating deforestation rates on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia
Ken Shono Deforestation and land use change in northern Thailand between 1985 and 1996
Megan Mattox An analysis of forest fragmentation on the Thames River watershed
Leigh Baker Vegetative classification of Grand Teton National Park using satellite imagery
Urban Issues
Ying Qiu Application of principle components analysis and entropy to urban sprawl in Beijing, China
Sharon Gulick Urban sprawl in Tucson
Michael Ritger Landcover change analysis of Albuquerque, NM and the New York Philadelphia metro areas
Jessica Barnes Interannual variability in the agricultural land cover of the Khabour River Basin, 2000-2003
Charlie Liu Using NDVI to compare changes in deciduous leaf out in the US between 1989 and 1995
Public Health
Heidi Brown Classification of urban areas to facilitate prediction of mosquito density
Laura Krueger Urban and suburban growth into tick and mosquito areas leading to risk predictions
Lee Cohnstaedt Abiotic factors influencing mosquito distribution and disease risk in Sardinia
Annie Gatewood Characterization of deciduous forest phenology in the northeastern US using MODIS
Landscape Change Detection
Kristin Anderson Marsh subsidence on the Mississippi Delta
Robin Barr Classifying the forests of Mt Kenya for use in change analysis 1986-2000
Christopher Riely Land use and cover change in and around the Yale Meyer’s forest between 1985 and 2001
Alexandra Ponette Landuse/Landcover classification of Central Veracruz, Mexico
Julie Velásquez Runk Landcover change in Wounaan Village of eastern Panama between 1985 and 2003
Nadia Khan Change analyzes east of Aleppo and near Lake Assad, Syria (1984 -1999)
Rosemarie Mannik Studying changing agricultural practices in the Middle East
John Williams Radiative characteristics of a super typhoon
Yanping Li Studying clouds in the Great Plains using MODIS
Katherine Lin Asian dust storms
Brett Galimidi Using MODIS to differentiate between clouds and particulate matter in the Himalaya
Peter Isaacson Mineral identification and hydrothermal alteration mapping at Cuprite-Goldfield, Nevada, using Landsat ETM+, ASTER, and AVIRIS data
Examining Environmental Events
Nell Larson Examining the 1998 ice storm damage to the northern Adirondacks
Ali Macalady Europe’s 2003 heat wave from space – A look at changes in vegetation
Geri Kantor Using Landsat imagery to evaluate vegetation cover change in Vietnam following defoliation with Agent Orange
Elevation Imapcts on Vegetation
Martha Bell Land classification and elevation change in the Central Andes
Jeremy Goetz Exploring vegetation changes over topographic gradients in the Congo Basin
Ecosystem Mapping
Elena Traister An investigation into whether alkalinity export varies with land use over time
Jonathan Cox Desert landscape changes in the American Southwest
Deborah Fillis Examining landcover adjacent to salt marsh ecosystems
Sparsh Khandeshi Vegetation variations between alpine meadows