2018 Course Projects

Acharja, Indra

The potential application of UAV and thermal sensors in conservation and management planning

Cicero, Dylan

Assessing classification workflows for on-pasture forage species ID from high resolution UAV imagery

Culhane, Emmett

Comparison of image segmentation and edge detection methods

Fang, Bowen

Mosaicking, georeferencing, calibration and evaluation of near infrared images from UAV

Feng, Mingmin

Usuing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to monitor human disturbance on the habitat of black snub-nosed monkey

Huang, Tina

Assessing drone elevation data

Kachelmeyer, Jaclyn

Space for time NDVI analysis at Hidden Blossom Farm

O’Brien, Madeleine

Estimating volume changes in volcanic features with UAV photogrammetry
Yang, Yichen Four-band thermal mosaicking: A new method to process infrared thermal images from UAV flight

Yao, Maggie

Hydraulic analysis in Bridgeport area: Predict flood flow direction and flood velocity