Geospatial Software

Commercial Geospatial Software

  • ENVI and IDL - Harris Geospatial Solutions
  • ERDAS Imagine - Hexagon Geospatial
  • IDRISI - GIS and image processing by Clark University
  • Matlab - MathWorks data analysis and visualization software
  • MapInfo - Map Database Software
  • MicroImages - TNTmips Spatial Data Analysis software and free TNTlite

Free Geospatial Software

  • Recommended ENVI plugins - Devin Whilte’s GitHub page for import plugins (MODIS, VIIRS, etc.)
  • QGIS - The Quatum GIS project is an open source (free) GIS software
  • GRASS GIS - The world’s leading free remote sensing & GIS software
  • MultiSpec - Open source remote sensing program developed at Purdue University
  • DNRGPS - Transfer data between Garmin GPS and GIS software by the Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources
  • R statistics software - The R Project
  • Geospatial Modelling Environment - Works with R and ArcGIS;
  • Bilko - A remote sensing program by UNESCO
  • GDAL - Geospatial Data Abstraction Library
  • Fragstats - Landsacape metrics program - requires ArcGIS
  • Patch Analyst - Spatial analysis of landscape patches
  • Timesat - Time-series analysis software - requires Matlab
  • TatukGIS - GIS viewer and free coordinate conversion calculator. Also a GIS editor, SDK, and internet server
  • DIVA GIS - A GIS program for the analysis of biodiversity data