Project Prospectus Assignment

A one to two page prospectus for your project is due by the end of Friday, March 6.  This should be uploaded to the Canvas site.  The purpose of this assignment is to get you thinking about how to design a feasible project, and to allow the instructors an opportunity to offer suggestions early on in your process. 

The prospectus should include a description of your proposed project; include a statement of goals, potential data to be used, and a list of ten or more references from the remote sensing and related literature (indicate with a check mark which of these papers you have read in the write-up). 

Please read the Course Project Definition for more information on the assignment.

You might also browse the student course projects from previous years.  Full project reports and presentations from 2004 on can be found on the YCEO server at: N:\OEFS\PastProjects.  Reports prior to 2004 are located in class project binders in the YCEO Lab. 

To get an idea what students have worked on after completing OEFS, browse the Research webpage describing current and past student research projects

The prospectus should get you thinking both about a concept for your project and about finding the datasets you will need to complete it. Many projects can be accomplished using free images from the Landsat, Sentinel 2, ASTER and MODIS sensors.  Please read about obtaining and importing data using these sensors on our FAQ Page

For now try to identify a single good scene that you can use as part of your project.  Zoom in to an area of your scene that is most interesting and place a copy of the image at the end of your project prospectus report.

Depending upon the project, you may need to order specific data for your project.  If nothing else is available currently, get a Landsat image covering part of your study area and attach that.

Often times, an image covers a larger area than you will actually use for a given project.  It is much faster to work with a smaller image so it’s good to get in the habit of subsetting images to contain only the region in which you are interested.

The easiest way to subset an image in ENVI is to select: File | Save As.  After selecting the image to save, click on the Spatial Subset button and use one of the several techniques to subset the image.  Read the ENVI help screens to explore these options.

Upload your Prospectus to the Canvas site, using the filename Prospectus_Last Name.