Using the MODIS Conversion Tool Kit

MODIS Conversion Tool Kit

The YCEO Lab uses a plugin module for ENVI to import and convert the projection of many MODIS daily scenes and products in one step.  You access the Toolkit from the ENVI Standard interface Toolbox | Extensions | mctk (for ENVI Classic main menu File | Open External File | EOS | MODIS Conversion Toolkit).  From the initial Toolkit dialog box click on the Input HDF button and select your file.  This opens the expanded Toolkit dialog box.

Under the Processing Options section on the right select the layers of data you wish to import. 
Under the Select Output Type section select one of the radio buttons to determine the output coordinate information. 
The default, Standard, will retain the sinusoidal tile projection.  Selecting Projected will result in an expanded dataset in Geographic projection.  You normally would NOT select the third option Both.
Finally enter a Rootname and Output Path for the new dataset.

If you plan to mosaic adjacent tiles you should use the Standard (sinusoidal) Output Type.  These sinusoidal tiles can be perfectly joined, whereas the projected data will have gaps at the edges.  Once the tiles are mosaicked you can reproject the single seamless file into the Geographic projection.

The MODIS Conversion Tool Kit is one of several plugins for ENVI developed by Devin White.  He has graciously made them publicly available on GitHub at: